London Turfing Process
London Turfing Process
Method and Process for our Professional Turfing Services
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Grass - Process and Methods

Important - Please note that we supply and lay turf - we do not supply turf only.

Key to thee establishment of a healthy root system and healthy development of any turf is meticulous ground preparation.

This may include the application of a weed killer three weeks before the laying of the turf, removing the existing lawn, rotovating the soil, adding nutrient rich top soil and making sure the ground is damp when the turf is laid.

Beautiful GardensProfessional Turf Laying
  • Ground and Soil Preparation
  • Laying the Turf
  • Garden Lawn Aftercare

Once the ground has been thoroughly prepared, the process of laying the turf begins, taking care not to cause physical damage to it during the process. Care should also be taken not to use small pieces of turf for edging - these will dry out and die in next to no time.

Your new garden turf will need some TLC after care, especially for the first month after laying.

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