Lawn Turf Preparation
Lawn Turf Preparation
Preparing your Garden Lawn for New Turf - The Professional Way
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Preparing your Garden Lawn for Turf - The Professional Way

Important - Please note that we supply and lay turf - we do not supply turf only.

We will select the best turf for your needs taking into account the budget available, the location, soil type, and the eventual use of the lawn.

The first step in the preparation process is to remove the existing turf. This is removed by cutting under the grass. On smaller lawns this is done using spades and on larger lawns a lawn stripper is sometimes used. The soil is then turned over, either using a spade or a rotovator, down to a depth of around 10cm.

he soil is then picked over, removing any stones, weeds and old turf. Further preparation may be required , such as site clearance, tree stump removal etc. We are licensed waste carriers and will remove all debris and dispose of it properly

A pre-turfing fertiliser is then raked onto the soil. The area is leveled and lightly rolled or firmed by foot. We may use top soil to achieve the correct levels when working on landscaping projects.

Care is taken at this stage not to compact the soil but to leave it firm enough to take the turf. Good soil preparation is essential to ensure deep rooting and strong development of the new turf. The area is now ready for Turf Laying.

Watch this excellent Q Lawn Video on Laying Turf

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