London Turf Laying
London Turf Laying
Professional Turf Laying by London Specialists
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Installing & Laying Turf

Important - Please note that we supply and lay turf - we do not supply turf only.

We will select the best turf for your needs taking into account the budget available, the location, soil type, and the eventual use of the lawn.

After careful preparation, we will begin laying your lawn. We start by laying one strip of turf around the outside of the lawn. Working along the longest straight line, we lay the turf in a brick like fashion. The ends and edges are butted and pushed tightly to each other, taking care not to stretch the turf. A sharp knife is used to trim the turf.

Using small strips of turf along the edges is something we avoid as they will dry out and die. We use wooden planks and boards to avoid walking on the turf and we ensure that the new turf is in full contact with the underlying soil. You new lawn is no ready for After Care

Watch this excellent Q Lawn Video on Laying Turf

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