Turf After Care
Turf After Care

Looking after your New Garden Turf


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Looking After Your New Garden Lawn

The first two to three weeks is a fragile stage for your new turf. It will need a little help to ensure deep rooting and and healthy development. You will need to keep both humans and pets stay off the lawn during the first three weeks. If you do need to walk on the new turf during this period, put down wooden planks and remove them immediately when you have finished.

Watch this excellent Q Lawn Video on Laying Turf

Watering your New Lawn

Your new garden turf must be kept damp at all times during the first 4 weeks to encourage deep rooting. When we lay your turf we will give it a good soaking. Watering should then be carried out on a daily basis for up to 4 weeks. The best time to water is early morning or late evening as this reduces evaporation levels.

Mowing your New Lawn

Your new garden turf will be ready for mowing after 3-4 weeks. You will need to do a quick check to ensure that the turf has rooted sufficiently too prevent being sucked up by the mowing process. Ensure the blades of your mower are as sharp as they can be. Adjust the blade height for a cut of 3 to 3.5cm. Keep the mower at this height for the next 3 weeks. this will help the root system to become established. After three weeks, the blade height can be lowered to 2.5cm.

Feeding and Weeding your New Lawn

The turf we supply is generally weed free. However, due to natural seed dispersion methods, weeds may become established from time to time. The most effective solution is to dig these out as they appear. You can also apply a granular combined weed killer and spring fertiliser. The best month for this treatment is May depending on the weather conditions.

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