Garden Lawn Weeds
Garden Lawn Weeds
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Mowing on a regular basis will control the growth of the vast majority of weeds. Hard to kill species such as nettles, bindweed, ground elder and couch grass will find it difficult to become established in a lawn which is receiving lots of TLC.

There are a group of weeds which grow low to the ground and are therefore difficult to control by mowing. Examples of these are annual meadowgrass and parsley piert Broad leaves can also be a menace and these include such species as Dandelions, Clover, Buttercup and Daisies.

Seed weeds are found everywhere, including around garden lawns. A well established, healthy lawn will inhibit weed growth as the weeds cannot compete with thick, strong lawn turf. Good quality newly laid turf shouldn't contain weeds - make sure the weeds are not growing up from between the turf joints.

In the case of poorly maintained garden lawns, sparse, thinning areas of grass will be present allowing weeds to become established.

Removing Weeds

Weeds can be dug out or treated with herbicide.

Dandelions, buttercup, and daisies can be easily dug out of your lawn turf, but clover is difficult to remove and should be treated with a herbicide.. When weeds are treated with a herbicide, it will take them more than a week to die. After they are dead, you can rake up the dead plants and discard them.

After the weeds are removed, care for your lawn turf properly. If your lawn turf was mostly weeds or if there are bare spots in your lawn turf, you may need to lay down some turf.

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