Toadstools & Mushrooms
Toadstools & Mushrooms
Removing Mushrooms and Toadstools from your Garden Lawn
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Toadstools and Mushrooms in Garden Lawns

Toadstools and mushrooms can grow on any garden lawn at any time given the optimum weather conditions. They grow by recycling decaying and dead plant matter and are a sign of a healthy and well developed lawn. They really are fun guys.

It is normal to see mushrooms and toadstools in freshly laid turf because the process of laying the turf stimulates their growth. They normally disappear after a few weeks and are unlikely to return once the new turf has become established.

Removing Toadstools and Mushrooms from your lawn
  • Wear gloves and hand pick them
  • Mowing will also remove them
  • Scarify the lawn to reduce the amount of thatch
  • Reduce the amount of fertiliser being applied to the lawn
  • Remove dead material from under problem clumps of mushrooms and toadstools

There are no fungicides for sale in the UK that are of use against mushrooms and toadstools

A Humorous Look at Removing Mushrooms and Toadstools from your Lawn

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