Excessive Lawn Thatch
Excessive Lawn Thatch
Removing Accumulated Lawn Thatch
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Problems with Excessive Lawn Thatch

Every one knows that household plants can become pot bound - the same thing can happen to turf grasses in your garden lawn. A healthy lawn will produce a layer of thatch about 6mm thick above the soil as it grows and spreads. It is made up of roots, and living and dead grass leaves. Thatch can become a problem when it grows too thick

Symptoms of Excessive Thatch

When new grass is formed faster than the old grass can be destroyed, an accumulation of thatch is to be expected. Excessive thatch can lead to soil compaction resulting in poor drainage, air and nutrient circulation, and poor root growth. This in turn will put the lawn under stress, leading to fungal development.

If your lawn has a spongy feel to it, and there is a thick layer of spongy brown material just below the grass, then you have a thatch problem.

Treating Excessive Thatch
  • Over fertilisation encourages thatch accumulation
  • Proper watering will lead to deep root development minimising soil compaction
  • Raking and Brushing will inhibit excessive thatch
  • Scarification in early autumn will lead to healthier grass in the spring
  • Application of top dressing

YouTube video explaining how to remove thatch by scarification

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