Take All Patch
Take All Patch
Removal & Treatment of Take All Patch in Garden Lawns
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Take All Patch in your Garden Lawn

Take all patch is widely regarded as one of the more serious lawn diseases.

Take All Patch Symptoms

It normally appears in summer and can last until late autumn. Initially, saucer shaped, slightly depressed, brown patches appear which can then grow to 40cm in diameter. If untreated, the fungus will appear year after year.

Take All Patch is caused by a fungus that lives in the soil and attacks the Bentgrass roots of the lawn turf. The fungus is found in most UK soils and only attacks Bentgrass. It thrives in damp soil in temperatures around 12-18C and likes soils with pH7 or more. Generally, the disease is found in mature lawns and does not attack new garden turf.

Take All Patch Treatments
  • Increase the acidity of the soil to pH6 using acidifying fertilisers
  • Replace the affected turf and dig out soil to a depth of 30cm
  • Fungicidal treatments are available
  • Over seed affected areas with ryegrass, fescue and smooth stalk
  • Treat the affected areas with Peat Moss (See Video below)

YouTube video explaining the latest Peat Moss treatment for Take All Patch

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