Snow Mould Fungus
Snow Mould Fungus
Treatment and Symptoms of Snow Mould Fungus in Lawn Turf
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Snow Mould Fungus in your Garden Turf

Snow mould is a fungus which attacks lawn turf when there is a layer of snow covering the garden.

Snow Mould Symptoms

When the snow has melted you will see brown to orange patches on your lawn. After treatment, the patches will gradually fill in. However, this can take some time, as the grass is normally growing slowly at this time of year.

Snow Mould Treatment

With a little TLC, your lawn will recover and be as good as new.

  • The disease can be treated with fungicide
  • The fungus spreads rapidly - early application is a must
  • Broad-leaved weed grasses may colonise the old patches - Dig them out
  • Do not use a nitrogen rich fertiliser in autumn or winter
  • Regular mowing will keep the lawn short, diminishing the risk of infection
  • Do not walk on turf with a layer snow. This will injure the the leaves and promote fungal growth

Snow Mould is a problem on both sides of the Atlantic - Watch this excellent identification video

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