Lawn Seed Heads
Lawn Seed Heads
Garden Turf Seed Heads- Removal Eradication Control Treatment
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Seed Heads in your Garden Lawn

Unfortunately for lawn lovers out there, part of the life cycle of lawn turf is reproduction. This means the formation of seed heads sitting on top of long fibrous stalks which can spoil the appearance of your lawn.

Seed head production varies with the species of grasses in your lawn. It will last around three to four weeks after which, normal growth will resume.

Annual meadow grass is a particular problem. It is extremely common in the UK and forms seed heads all year round. One way to avoid this problem is to ensure the turf you buy is of the highest quality possible.

Treatment for Seed Heads in Garden Turf
  • Regular mowing with a sharp bladed mower will help
  • Applying fertiliser at the correct times of year
  • Correctly fertilised lawns will get through see head production quickly
  • Weed grasses, along with their roots should be removed manually

Seed head production a problem on both sides of the Atlantic - Watch this excellent YouTube video

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