Lawn Rust Disease
Lawn Rust Disease
Lawn Rust Disease - Removal Eradication Control Treatment
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Red Thread Disease in your Garden Lawn

This is another fungus which attacks the leaves of garden turf. As with most fungi, it favours mild, damp conditions and flourishes in unhealthy and stress garden lawns.

Lawn Rust Symptoms

Yellow spots on the leaves. As the fungus takes hold the spots will get larger.

Lawn Rust Treatment

With a little TLC, your lawn will recover and be as good as new.

  • Mow regularly - long grass stays wet for longer, helping fungi to develop
  • Apply the correct amounts of fertiliser to your lawn at the proper times of the year
  • Ensure that your lawn is adequately drained

It is essential for garden turf to drain well after watering or rain. Damp conditions favour fungi development and the longer the grass stays wet, the more likely it is you will have problems. If water collects on your garden turf, it may mean that the soil is compacted.

Fungal Lawn Disease is a problem on both sides of the Atlantic - Watch this excellent identification video

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