Red Thread Disease
Red Thread Disease
Red Thread Disease - Removal Eradication Control Treatment
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Red Thread Disease in your Garden Lawn

Red thread Disease is normally seen during summer and autumn but when the weather is particularly mild, the disease will continue to flourish during the winter. It is not a serious disease and can be easily treated.

Red Thread Disease Disease Symptoms

The symptoms are red to pink patches of damaged grass and is caused by a fungus. Red thread disease appears as 2-5cm patches of damaged grass which often have a pink or red appearance. This is caused by the growth of red fungal "needles" which attack the leaves.The fungus flourishes in temperatures of around 20C and in damp conditions.

Red Thread Disease Treatment:
  • Make sure a nitrogen based fertiliser is correctly applied
  • Ensure the lawn is correctly watered
  • Ensure that the grass is mown regularly
  • Fungicides may be applied

Red thread disease is prevalent in lawns which are under fertilised and in poor condition. With the correct treatment it is easily rectified.

Red Thread Disease is a problem on both sides of the Atlantic - Watch this excellent identification video

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