Lawn Leather Jackets
Lawn Leather Jackets
Leather Jackets - Removal Eradication Control Treatment
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Leather Jackets - Crane Flies in your Garden Lawn

Crane flies or daddy long legs lay their eggs in your garden turf producing larvae known as Leather Jackets. They feed on the roots of your turf through autumn, winter and spring. Hatching is in August, and then the life cycle repeats itself.

Leather Jacket larvae are around 2.5cm long, are greyish black and have no legs. By day, the stay underground and at night, they come out to play. They cannot survive very dry condition. When there is a lot of moisture about, they can seen on the lawn.

Leather Jacket Symptoms
  • Slow grass growth.
  • Yellowing patches start to appear
  • Turf is easy to pull up due to lack of a root system
  • Birds will be attracted to the grubs on the surface.
Leather Jacket Treatment
  • Treatment is effective on the larvae stage, not when the insect is flying about.
  • Garden turf should be water in the evening
  • The lawn should be then be covered in black plastic
  • The larvae will come to the surface
  • Birds will eat them or they can be manually removed

Nematode based products can be used to kill the leather jackets - usually applied in the spring. Pesticides containing HCH can also be used in the autumn.

Finally, allowing the turf to dry out will also kill the larvae as they cannot withstand dry conditions.

YouTube video Showing Leather Jacket Infestation on a Golf Course

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