Lawn Leaf Blight
Lawn Leaf Blight
Leaf Blight - Removal Eradication Control Treatment
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Leaf Blight in Garden Lawns

Leaf blight is another very common UK fungal disease. It is fairly easy to treat but left unchecked it can cause significant damage to your lawn. It thrives in warm,moist weather conditions.

From a distance, the leaves appear slightly brown or yellow, and when looked at more closely, you will see red, brown or yellow spots on the leaves. Leaf Blight is not a serious disease but can become very severe in persistent wet weather, especially if your lawn is under fertilised.

Leaf Blight Treatment includes

  • Ensuring your lawn has just the right amount of fertiliser - not too much or too little
  • Proper mowing of you lawn - long leaves hold more water allowing leaf blight to flourish
  • Watering your lawn in the morning will ensure that the leaves on dry by night time
  • Aerating the lawn will improve the condition of the soil
  • Chemical treatment with fungicides - a last resort when all else has failed

YouTube video Showing Leaf Blight Identification and Treatment

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