Fusarium Patch Disease
Fusarium Patch Disease
Treating Fusarium Patch in Garden Turf
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Fusarium Patch Disease in Garden Lawns

This is the most common lawn disease in the UK. It starts as small patches of yellowy brown grass. As the patches become larger the central area becomes paler in colour and may have a slimy feel due to the release of spores. While the disease is developing, the outer region will be dark brown in colour.

In damp weather conditions, a creamy white mould will develop. As an aid to identification, cover a brown patch and leave overnight - growing mould is a sign of Fusarium and should be treated. The primary cause of this disease is damp conditions.

Treatment for Fusarium Patch Disease

  • Ensure the turf is properly drained
  • Aerate the soil on a regular basis
  • Apply a top dressing of sandy compost to aid excessive water retention
  • Scarification of water retentive thatch
  • Early treatments with Fungicide will prevent spreading

With a little TLC, the brown patches will gradually fill in and disappear.

Identifying Dollar Spot, Brown Patch and Rust - YouTube Video

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