Garden Fairy Rings
Garden Fairy Rings
Fairy Rings in Garden Lawns
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Fairy Rings in Lawn Turf - Garden Problems

Many fungi are responsible for causing Fairy Rings in Lawn Turf. The most common symptoms are dark green rings or arcs, measuring up to a metre in diameter. Other types of fungus will cause a yellow colour in the garden turf, or stunted reddish patches and they may even be responsible for grass wilting and dying.

Plant biologists are still not sure what conditions promote the development of Fairy Rings. They are difficult to get rid of and treatment often centres around reducing the appearance of the rings. This can be done by

  • Using Lawn Feed and Fertiliser
  • Aerating the grass, allowing water to penetrate to the roots
  • Raking in a good loam soil twice a year
  • Fungicides can be used but do not always work

In order to completely remove a Fairy Ring, it will need to be dug out. This is achieved by digging down to a depth of at least 30cm and 30 cm beyond the diameter of the ring. The soil should be double bagged, taking care not to allow any spillage to other areas of the lawn.

Video Identification of Fairy Rings in Garden Turf

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