Lawn Turf Problems - EarthWorms
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Earthworms in Garden Lawns

Earthworms are extremely beneficial to soil and garden turf and are one of the best ways to maintain a healthy lawn. The worn digests the soil and lawn thatch, nutrients are absorbed and then the waste is excreted.

This is usually done below ground, but at night in cool damp conditions, the worms may come out to play, leaving worm casts on the surface of the lawn. A healthy garden needs lots of worm activity and although the casts may look a little messy, earthworms should not be killed.

YouTube Video on the Benefits of Worms in Organic Gardening

Suggested Treatments for Earthworm Casts

  • Regular Mowing
  • Remove all grass clippings
  • Apply lawn sand to increase acidity
  • Do not over water causing the lawn to become soggy
  • The castings should be left to dry and then brushed back into the lawn

Earthworms can be messy but of all the problems a garden lawn can have, this is one you want to have.

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