Chafer Grubs
Chafer Grubs
Garden Turf Problems - Chafer Grubs
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Chafer Grubs in your Garden Lawn

Chafer Grubs can have a catastrophic affect on garden lawns. They live under ground in the soil. Their life cycle consists of a larvae stage and a pupae stage before hatching out into adult beetles. Depending on the type of beetle, the life cycle lasts between one and three years.

A useful Youube Video guide to identification of Chafer Grubs

Chafer grubs have a creamy white colour with characteristic legs and are around 15mm long. They live on the roots of the grass, as so leather jackets, and cause identical lawn problems.

Symptoms of Chafer Grubs
  • Slow grass growth with yellow or dead patches of grass.
  • The damaged turf can be rolled back like a carpet (no roots remain)
  • Starlings will feed on the grubs leaving pencil sized holes
  • If left untreated, the patches will get larger
Treatment of Chafer Grubs

To cure the problem the grubs must be killed just before they hatch into beetles. This is normally in July and August. A nematode based pesticide should be applied to the soil when the ground is moist and warm. Going over the lawn with a roller may help by crushing the grubs which will be quite close to the surface.

If you have a significant infestation of chafer grubs which have done a fair amount of damage to your lawn, treating them with pesticide is probably not a viable option, as the grubs will be too large by this stage to be affected by the pesticide. The only real alternative is to take up and dispose of the turf, rotovate and relay new turf.

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