Brown Patch Disease
Brown Patch Disease
Identification and Treatment of Brown Patch Disease
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Brown Patch

Identifying Brown Patch can be difficult as it's appearance depends largely on the prevailing weather conditions and the health of the lawn turf.

In general, the patches are yellow to brown, starting out a few centimetres in diameter but can get a lot bigger as the disease becomes established. The disease is at its worse during warm, humid weather.

Treatment for Brown Patch
  • Keep the grass short - long grass stays wet for longer helping the spread of the disease
  • Always mow the lawn when it is dry - this prevents spreading the fungus
  • Do not over or under fertilise the lawn - just enough to support healthy growth
  • Ensure that there is good drainage in your lawn and there is no soil compaction
  • As a last resort use a fungicide to treat the brown patch
  • Regular scarification will help to control brown patch

Brown Patch is a problem on both sides of the Atlantic. The informative video below will help you identify and treat this fungal disease.

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