Algae and Moss
Algae and Moss
Removal & Eradication of Moss & Algae from Garden Lawns
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Garden Lawn Problems - Algae & Moss

Moss Infestation

Moss is a by product of a lawn that is under stress. It is possible to use Moss Killer but it is far more effective to identify the underlying cause of the stress and to correct it. Moss needs damp conditions to flourish so lawn colonisation is more likely in Spring and Autumn. Ensure that your lawn is draining efficiently and check the soil for compaction. Weak grass can lead to moss colonisation - this can be caused by a number of factors such as mowing too short and insufficient fertiliser and lawn feed. Moss cam be a problem with even the best kept lawns - fertilising with iron sulphate is the spring may help to keep moss at bay.

Watch this humorous video on how to treat moss in your lawn

Algae Infestation

Algae thrives in damp shaded conditions but the good news is that is it easy treat. Healthy thick turf will prevent light from reaching the soil surface keeping both algae and moss under control. If the turf thin it may be a good idea to replace it. The following will help eradicate both Moss and Algae

  • Prune back overhanging shrubs and trees to increase light penetration
  • Spring or Early Summer - treat with nitrogen rich fertiliser
  • Ensure the lawn is mowed at the right height
  • Improve drainage and air flow by aeration
  • Chemical Treatment to remove both are possible

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