Lawn Turf FAQ's
Lawn Turf FAQ's
FAQ's on your Newly Laid Garden Turf
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Commom Questions about your Newly Laid Garden Lawn

What size are the rolls of garden turf?

Lawn turf normally comes in standard one square metre rolls which are approximately 160cm x 60cm wide with a depth of 2.5cm.

How often should the new lawn be watered?

We will water your new lawn immediately after laying it. You will need to keep the turf damp for at two weeks after laying.

Mowing your new lawn?

The lawn should be mowed after 2-3 weeks of growth. You should aim to take off between 5 and 6cm on the first cut. Any longer than this, may cause the the finer varieties of grass to die out because of a lack of light. Subsequent mowing should gradually aim to take off 2.5cm to maintain the health of the turf.

Is fertiliser neccessary?

Before laying the turf we treat the soil with herbicide and and fertiliser. You will need to apply fertiliser after 5- 6 weeks and only in the spring and summer.

Why are there mushrooms sprouting in my new turf?

It is normal for mushrooms to appear in newly laid turf They are normally small and brown in appearance. They will die out after a few weeks.

What are the black patches on my new lawn?

In the summer, small, black, sooty patches may form. It is caused by a mould which covers the leaves and can be rubbed off between your fingers. It does no damage to the grass. The best way to cure the problem is by mowing.

When is the best time of year to lay turf?

Turf can be laid any time of the year. Frosty conditions should be avoided as well as hot, dry weather conditions.

How soon can I walk on the lawn?

You will need to keep of the grass until it has become established - at least three weeks.

How much should you aerate your turf?

If the soil has become compacted it will need to be aerated to improve the quality of the turf. It is best to repeat the process several times during the course of the year rather than do it all in one go. The distance between the aeration holes should be between 25 and 50mm. As your turf grows, soil compaction will be reduced by root activity.

When should you aerate your turf?

This is best done before applying lawn food or top dressing. The lawn should also be watered afterwards. Any healthy lawns can suffer compaction from time to time, but this can be cured by aeration.

How soon after laying turf should I mow my lawn?

Most people allow the grass to grow to a reasonable length before mowing. We advise no mowing for the first two weeks to allow the turf to become established.

How much top soil do I need?

10-15cm is recommended. The garden will need to be dug over or rotovated to stop soil compaction. Time spent on preparation will cause the new turf to rapidly produce deep roots.

Why have I got patches of white cobweb-like mould on my lawn?

This is known as Fusarium Patch Disease and is normally seen in autumn during mild and humid weather. It will die out when the weather changes without the need to use fungicides.

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