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Welcome to - a Sustainable Landscapes Web Site

Our specialty is to supply and lay quality turf at affordable prices, creating the perfect garden lawn that you have always dreamed of having. Please note that we SUPPLY & LAY turf - we do not supply turf only.

We supply a range of turfing products which are suitable for varied types of project including family gardens, ornamental gardens, golfing and bowling greens, parks, council amenity areas and general landscaping.

Turf LayingOur Turfing Products

All our turf is sourced at trade prices - meaning significant savings for you. We use Q Lawn Turf, as well as our own affordable, value for money,budget turf, suitable for the majority of our turfing projects. Another popular request is Wild Flower Q Meadow Turf. This encourages significant bio-diversity and is essential in maintaining a healthy eco system.

The are three basic stages to the process of turf laying

  • Preparation
  • Professional Laying
  • Lawn After Care

Meticulous Preparation is key to a healthy a garden lawn. this may involve putting down weed killer three weeks before the installation of the turf. Preparation will also involve lawn feed, fertilisers and the addition of peat free, nutrient rich top soil. Rotovation and digging over is also part of the process.

Once the garden has been prepared, professional turf laying takes place. At the end of the day, you will have a garden that will already look sensational. We will advise you on Lawn After Care, which will be essential for at least 4 weeks in order to promote good root development.

No matter how carefully the turf is laid, or how much TLC your give your garden lawn, problems and diseases are inevitable from time to time. It is, for example, very common to see mushrooms growing in newly laid turf. All of the problems with garden lawns have a cure, but the key is correct diagnosis.

Read our guides on Algae and Moss, Brown Patch, Chafer Grubs, Lawn Dollar Spot, Earth Worm Problems, Garden Fairy Rings, Fusarium Patch Disease, Leaf Blight, Leather Jackets, Red Thread Disease, Lawn Rust Disease, Seed Heads, Snow Mould, Soil Compaction, Take All Patch, Problems with Lawn Thatch, and Problem Weeds.

We cover the whole of North and North West London as well as areas in Hertfordshire such as Edgeware, Enfield, Cockforsters, Barnet, Cheshunt and Waltham Cross, Camden, Islington, Hampstead, Kensington and Chelsea.

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